A Second Trip to South America

  1. Fly into Buenos Aires from LA
  2. Fly to La Paz, Bolivia
  3. Do a Salar de Uyuni 3 day tour
  4. Make sure tour drops off at the border Atacama Desert
  5. Stay in 5 star hotel in Atacama Desert and do a tour there
  6. Fly into Santiago or bus in from nearest port.
  7. If time and money allows, see Chilean Patagonia
  8. Venture into Argentinian Patagonia
  9. Fly back home from Buenos Aires or continue on to Peru
  10. If in Peru, see Lima again and then Machu Picchu.
  11. Fly back to LA from Lima.
  12. If more time allows, see places missed in Brazil.
  13. See more of Rio, Sao Paulo, Serra do Cipo Park, See Ouro Preto, Fernando de Noronha, Jericoacara and Florianopolis.
  14. See Cano Cristales in Colombia
  15. See Canaima in Venezuela


I want to see Salar de Uyuni, Atacama desert, Santiago and Buenos Aires the most.  Then Machu Picchu. Then Patagonia. Then the rest to me is just optional.


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