Second Trip Selections

No one picks the same places in a country or region on their second trip. Most people find the second or third trip to a country more enjoyable because they can hone in on what they loved the second time and discard what they did not love.

A second trip is more refined and dedicated than the first. No one has an eye for the all the goodies the first time. Well, except for someone with endless resources who really did see it all.

Here are some of my second trip selections:

  1. South America: Salar de Uyuni, Santiago, Atacama Desert, Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Machu Picchu, return to Lima, Sao Paulo, and Serra do Cipo and perhaps to Maranhao and see more of the coast.
  2. Japan: Return to Tokyo, Return to Sapporo and see more of Hokkaido island, especially snowboarding in Niseko, Togakushi, Yakushima island and yoga retreat.
  3. China: Stay with Aman in Lijiang, Tibetan regions, Pingyao, Beijing, Kashgar and Xinjiang province.
  4. Portugal: Return to Porto and stay at Six Senses, Penada Geres, Batalha, Evora, The Algarve.
  5. Morocco: Sahara Desert, Atlantic Coastal towns of Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir, Essaouria. Maybe return to Fez.
  6. Norway: Pulpit rock, Svalbard, Bergen, roadtripping in general, Aurora chasing.
  7. Sri Lanka: Yala Park, Mirissa Beach, Return to Tea Trails and Cultural Triangle, Mulkirigala.
  8. Greater Scandinavia trip: see above for Norway, drive around the island of Iceland, see various regions of Sweden including Stockholm and Ystad, Faroe Islands, Finland especially Lapland.

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