India Itinerary

If I had a month or two of to backpack, I would backpack in and around India.

India is too large and ambitious of a country to leave stones unturned. It is not worth a flight trip half way around the world to see the Taj mahal for a day. India needs time. India is a time-intensive country due to its size, history and magnitude. India can either be capital-intesnvie or done on the cheap. India has both award-winning 5 star hotels and also hippie bohemian sleep on the beach with other dirty hippies accommodations. If I were to go to India, ideally, I would both do it on the fray and indulge in their legendary sumptuousness.


I think the places I want to see the most are the popular and top tourist destinations: Goa, Puducherry, Kerala, Ladakh and Leh, Valley of the Flowers, Darjeeling, Delhi, Taj Mahal, Jodhpur, Mumbai. I guess I want to see nature, architect and some relevant commercial centers. I have noticed with doing my research, that the good spots for tourists in India are in the south and the north but not the center of the country. I think there are many countries in the world that developed in a similar way.

I guess one sensible route would be start in Chennai, Puducherry, Kerala, Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Jodhpur, Agra, Delhi, The Himalayas, fly back from Delhi or Calcutta.

I hope, as an emerging young professional, to save up enough earnings for a few years to take a month off of work and backpack through India. Below are my top picks:

I like sleepy beaches. I like tropical places. I like to travel to a new beach because the sea smells more fragrant in some places and the water feels more clear. The sea creatures are different too.







I have been to the Himalayas in Nepal before. They are truly magical and one of the most majestic places on earth. You feel your purpose and a connection with a divine presence when you are there. You feel your purpose when you are there:


Valley of the Flowers:


Delhi and Taj Mahal:

bridgeDelhi_aerial_photo_04-2016_img11Delhi_aerial_photo_04-2016_img19gandhi-s-tombrajghat-647_050417063108Taj_MahalOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


coffee_tea_worker_plantation_720-770x433darjeeling-townjpgdarjeelingmoasifoqhb-1497963199tea garden 700_1454676487

What can I say? I am an imperialist at heart. We can not forget the Mughals were imperialists too and not just the Europeans.


6-jodhpur-fort-334112265DQmNSwfYTYSJ37WuAD43E7Nc2HHREjCEdssGTgmY5XFwXTsFort_Mehrangarh_N-RJ-89_Jodhpur_Rajasthan_India_Image7Panorama of Jodhpur Blue City. Rajasthan, IndiaGettyImages-481776206-58fde26a5f9b581d59810c1dplentyofcolour_jodhpur_41tour-of-jodhpur-and-mehrangarh-fortwall-painting-at-the-mehrangarh-fort-jodhpur_5870222_m

if I had more time and money, I want additionally see Manipur, Bhutan and the Maldives and maybe even back to Nepal.

Mumbai is the most prosperous modern city in India. It’s income inequality concerns me and I am not sure how safe it is there. It could be worth seeing and studying:



5 thoughts on “India Itinerary

  1. This is one of your most beautiful blogs and the first photos truly grabbed my attention.

    Still, I don’t understand why you didn’t mention Bombay (Mumbai), which is so important in history, has wonderful architecture, is one of the world’s great cities and a place one would never find boring.

  2. Thank you for adding Bombay to the blog and for the excellent photos. I imagined the city had changed since I was there, but the photos surprised me with just how much more modern and more prosperous it has become. I recall it as active, with everyone outside because of the heat and that there was little air conditioning at the time.

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