Med Europe

I have seen Med countries of Israel, Turkey and Morocco. I have seen 12 countries in Europe, but no Med countries.

I believe the Med sea is the most beautiful sea in the world. I believe it has a magic and an energy to it that helped create human creativity and imagination like no there sea has. Legendary trade routes and empires emerged around the Med sea.

Other seas have value. The Portuguese were entranced with the Atlantic. The Indian Ocean harbored Indian explorers and some of the most beautiful tropical islands subside there. Australia also has a reputation for some of the world’s best beaches.

The Med sea has a special glow. It is the way the sun sets and the way the sea smells. It is also the fact that it has extreme beauty without being tropical. It is that rare and perfect balance of mild temperate warm weather. Whereas tropical islands make good postcard photos, but when you are physically there, they are hot and uncomfortable. The Med sea is just the perfect harmony of warmth and mild climate. The sea glows with happiness.

There are so many med countries in Europe. Picking a place to travel to has always been a dilemma for me and I cannot solicit advice to places I have never seen before. I can only imagine what each country has to offer and why each country is unique and special.

Malta has Europe’s first planned city: Valletta. Obviously Valletta was once of strategic and economic importance once. Perhaps because Europe was competing with vast Islamic empires at the time? Valletta has lost its economic importance nowadays and is usually traveled to as an entry point for Malta’s famed beaches. Malta is a Med country high on my list because of its magnificence, beauty and history:

Here is a list:

Dingli Cliffs, Malta:

6895608293_dfae5e87c9_b 7209823838_bdf6e62d4f_b dingli-veiws mt5

Azure window and blue lagoon, Malta:

03a3770d7a1b8268c572f72a93b74306 azure window_large Azure_Window_Malta-1 image.php

Valletta, Malta:

71818_1680_948 malta_2056303b Valetta-corner Valletta Street

Sardinia is a large Italian island that does not get discovered by the average American traveler to Europe. For reasons that evade me, most American tourists like staying on continental Europe and roaming cities and avoiding nature and adventure travel. It has taken me a long time to discover that Europe has many nature spots and is actually one of the world’s only temperate forest climates, which positions it for wonderful adventure travel and leisurely hikes. Sardinia is exquisite and their city Cagliari does have some economic vitality:

Selvaggio Blu, Sardinia is for hiker lovers:

16075-il_selvaggio_blu_in_catamarano 8146429 dc9c2aedfd91a61262fa35d2cbe7a398 IMG_6246 SARDEGNA-Selvaggio-blu-03 Selvaggio_blu_2

Cala Goloritze, Sardinia is the epitome of Med sea haunting beauty:

9969250 BEvrMcUCUAAMhLk dsc02760 maxresdefault

Cala Mariolu, Sardinia is supposedly one of the best beaches in the world:

1 (Small) beach_Cala-Mariolu-5557676dbc91f cala_mariolu2 Cala-Mariolu-Orosei-Sardinia-Italy

Corsica is known as Sardina’s ugly mountainous sister. Corsica is for adventure sports and mountain climbers and wannabe Napolean’s:

GR20, Corsica, a Med mountain journey:

003jpg 28D6F40500000578-3087087-image-a-41_1431995933346 Corsica-01b Lake-Melo-Corsica1064l main picSolenzara-Corsica_182l

Marseille Calanques, France appeals to me more than Nice because it is magnificent and not pretentious:

P1080321_1024x768_ fixedw_large_4x calanques30

Quelques baigneurs profitenet de l'eau claire de la Calanque d'en Vau
Quelques baigneurs profitenet de l’eau claire de la Calanque d’en Vau

The Balkan states are getting a lot of buzz these days for being fun low-budget tourism, although Montenegro is being developed to be more high-end. The Balkan states once had a bad rep for being Communist and corrupt. Nowadays, they are being developed as a must-see tourist destination, particularly Croatia. They have the charming Med climate and are in between Italy and Turkey. Who knows why they became insignificant countries swallowed up by vast empires when once upon a time Alexander the Great hailed form Macedon.

Hvar and Brac, Croatia:

3 bol-brac-beach hvar-apartment Hvar-Beach IMG_1451Zavala-Island-Hvar-beach-thumb-500x250

Slovenia is a Balkan state I have been intrigued with as of late. Slovenia is also known as a cheaper alternative to many Euro countries and features charming quaint cities and adventure travel.

Bled, Slovenia is an unsung masterpiece:

Bled-otok-1024x682 bledisland108186Slovenia_cities_towns-Bled

Piran, Slovenia. You wonder why this city never became prominent and known like its neighboring Italian cities:

fe1e1be05a86a199895df5f87d022cdd Piran_1. piran_1877_finals_slo_piranresort

I have a belief that European countries near England and France are all better off economically and power-wise. Whereas all European countries near Russia and the former Ottoman Empire are all worse off economically and power-wise. This is because Russia and Turkey failed to influence the outcome of anything in a positive way and because there was something rotten and corrupt about this would be and dwindling world powers. Turkey created an enormous mystery for historians and Russia is an ongoing enigma. There is a lack of government coming from those countries, whereas Western European powers became successful colonialists and raised the bar for human rights and high living standards, which seem to have a correlation with each other. Besides Russia, which has a colder climate than most, all of these countries including Turkey enjoy a fine Med climate.

Greece is a legend. Greece’s rise and fall is a tragic of epic proportions. I have never gotten around to seeing Greece, but Zakynthos is my favorite island I have my eyes on:

shipwreck-zakynthos-greece02 Shipwreck2 the-navagio-beach-in-zakynthos to-nayagio-sthn-paralia-ths-zakynthou-navagio-the-most-famous-beach-on-zakynthos-island-with-shipwreck-and-anchoring-boats--greece-ionian-islands-208-01c4 zakinthos zante--314

Paros, Greece is a quiet town off-the-radar for the average tourist. I do not know why I like off the beaten path places, but I do. Maybe it makes me feel more unique and original? Maybe I am a snob and want to set myself apart from others? Maybe I have curiosity that knows no bounds and takes me to more off the cusp places?

greece_lg img_5693 parikia-paros-beach paros-greece-home-with-amazing-swimming-pool-o taverna-in-parika-townGreece_Paros_KolymbithresBeach

Naxos, Greece:

best-greek-beaches-myrtos-kefalonia elafonisi-tomxfoto greek-beach naxos--178 naxos-beach-1 naxos-beach

Italy and Sicily are famous Med countries. Italy is one of the world’s most famous and popular travel destinations. Sicily attracts tourists too, but not as many Americans for reasons that evade me. There is also the North African countries and the Mid East Levant countries. That side of the sea is historic, but unstable, so I am unlikely to venture there.

There is also the coast of Spain. I have some curiosity to go there, but not bundles of it. The beauty or the history does not captivate me like the other countries, but, there is a yoga retreat in Ibiza that appeals to me.

What is the point of seeing every Med country or even writing about them? Is it obsession? Is it grandiosity? Is it curiosity? Is it a desire to have expertise knowledge on a subject? It is always hard to write about a place I have never been to.

The Middle East, Europe, Asia and North Africa have long fascinated me because of the historical developments of human capital and culture that existed there and are unmatched elsewhere in the world. Humans need to come into contact with other humans in order for our humanity to be fully actualized.

Polynesians in Tahiti never became relevant to anyone because they never left the island and never met other people on their own will.

At some point in history, the land routes connecting Central Asia with the Middle East and China became irrelevant and economically defunct. Naval exploration by European colonialists became king coupled with their high records of human rights and equal treatment of women.



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