The world holds many special and unique features. The uniqueness creates wonder and awe of the awesome force of nature.

Aurora Borealis in Scandinavia. Aurora are hard to see and predict. They are mostly seen near the Arctic regions and are caused by lights in the atmosphere that become visible to the human eye. Aurora will make you feel like the world is a special place and that there is magic and wonder out there and the world is very much influx


White Cliffs of Dover, UK. These white cliffs were formed by ice-age floods and skeletal remains. They are rare and not too many other places in the world feature white cliffs:


Mitzpe Ramon, Israel. This is the world’s largest erosion crater. The crater was formed by an ocean that used to be there, but eroded after millions of years. The erosion left behind mineral deposits in the land and unusual land formations and swirls. The only two erosion craters in the world are found in Egypt and Israel. However, the one in Israel is the largest in the world



Bats flying over Gunung Mulu park in Malaysian Borneo:

Cava Grande, Sicily:

Scala dei Turchi, Sicily:

Chamarel, Mauritius. The Seven Colored Earths are caused by minerals that change colors in the ground.


Kauai, Hawaii. This is the side of a mountain, whereas Chamarel is colored ground:

Dragon blood trees on Socotra Island, Yemen:

Shell Beach, Australia:

Waitomo Glow worm caves, New Zealand. The glowworms glow because of lights give off by their bodies:


Kelimutu, Indonesia. These three lakes form the top of the same volcano, but are different colors because of the acids in the lakes


Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia:

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Brazil:

Gorges du Verdon, France:

There are so many other special and unique places in the world, I cannot list them all. Furthermore, some places only appear to be unique because they are unique to you, but in the scheme of things, these “unique” formations can be seen throughout the world. For example, Iceland is not the only place with crater lakes and waterfalls. Wales also has similar crater lakes and waterfalls. Crater lakes and waterfalls can even be found in California. I used to think Thailand’s sparkling blue beaches were unique in the world, until I learned of India and Sri Lanka’s beaches. It fascinates me how the earth has developed into canyons, cliffs, waterfalls, pinnacles, crater lakes and volcanoes. I wish to learn more one day and wish I had taken a science class that explained it all to me in college.

Madagascar is world famous for being special. In fact, the trees of Madagascar are so unique they are almost a cliche of uniqueness itself. Also, Madagascar has pinnacles, like Borneo. I guess that makes both places special in that they are the only two places in the world I know of that have pinnacles:

Australis Borealis, New Zealand:

There is something special about the tropical Plumeria, often found in Fiji, New Zealand and other tropical climates. Humans love tropical climates, because we intuitively know heavy rainfalls and plant of heat makes plants grow and makes our species service:

The Maldives are special for their pristine beaches and these glowing blue algae. The glow is a special feature of the algae, that can be found in several oceans around the world, but the Maldives have a unique beauty to them:



Glaciers in Greenland. Catch them before they melt!:


The Jellyfish lake in Palau is wonderful and unique in the world. It is true jellyfish exist in myriad waters, but here, there is an entire lake where they dwell and thrive. The lake is safe for humans to swim in because the jellyfish never adapted a sting ray that can harm humans because the jellyfish lack a predator:




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