The biggest advantage about traveling the world in your 20s is that it gives you an opportunity to mark the easiest places of the map first and to make your bitterest mistakes first.

The traveler’s paradox is once the Pandora’s Box has been opened, the list keeps growing and evolving. What you thought hops, flops. What you thought you would gain from travel you no longer desire or crave.

I have a gift for originality while traveling. My imagination takes me beyond London and Paris. I have boundless curiosity.

I have seen places that are desolate and places that are popular. I have wise eyes and learned wrinkles. I do not blindly rebel and I do not blindly follow either. I go to where my heart takes me. I have a lot of imagination, which is why I can dream and think of things most people cannot think of.

When you are an experienced traveler like me, you think of more original places to go to. For example, most people only see Rio or Florianopolis in Brazil, they do not dream of seeing Sao Paulo. Most people want to see Tokyo, but not Yakushima or Biei. Most people want to see Thai beaches, but not Sri Lanka’s. Most people want to see Florence, but not Turin. When you have experience and imagination, your travel list grows and becomes more original.

When you travel, your eyes open in ways they were shit before. Also, you learn that happiness comes from within and not an external destination. Whoever you are at home, is who you are when you travel. You cannot leave your loneliness and depression behind with you when you are abroad and you can’t kill your yoga buzz or curiosity abroad either.

I find I am the happiest when I am exercising and learning new things. I crave doing yoga and climbing mountains and volcanoes while abroad. I also enjoy learning about new cultures, peoples and history. I also believe cuisine is a reason to travel to a country. I also do believe in economic growth and efficiency and am attracted to commercial activity in a city.

The Isle of Pines in New Caledonia is the only island in the world that has pine trees. When you are original and have imagination, this destination makes it to your bucket list:

The Maldives are original because they are one of only a handful of Muslim countries that allow Israeli citizens to travel there. The Maldives promotes peace between the people and faith of the Middle East and South Asia and offers some of the most famed and envied beaches in the world simultaneously.

Ibn Batuta, the famous traveling nomad, fell in love with the Maldives at first sight:


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