Mt. Kinabulu

Lonely Planet likes to pitch every destination as must-see and the best in the world. You are never going to the lowdown or insightful advice for them. They are only useful for reading on the plane and getting motivated to go somewhere and once in a while, their history lessons and explanations.

LP makes everywhere in Borneo worthwhile. However, due to limited resources of time, money and energy, it is not possible for 99% of people to go everywhere and see everything. Decisions must be made. Itineraries must be tailored.

I want to see Mt. Kinabulu and Gunung Mulu the most in Borneo. Borneo long intimidates me because of its wilderness and massive scary bugs. I think it is true that certain remote and unpopular areas are vastly wild, but the best places have been highly developed for tourists, especially from Australia and Japan.

I know what it is I want out of travel. I have direction now I have never had before. I love beauty and I love climbing mountains and volcanoes. I have a goal in life to climb as many mountains and volcanoes as I possibly can afford and physically can achieve.

Mt. Kinabulu is a mountaineer’s mountain. It is supposed to be among the most challenging, beautiful and rewarding in the world. It is known among knowers, but more low key than the Himalayas. The Himalayas are in fact the world’s highest and most majestic peaks in the world, but they are not the only peaks of significance and beauty.

These are the things I love to travel for:

8432515_orig 13287128784_a36ee0a338_o borneo-worldtimezone05 climbing-mount-kinabalu-2 IMG_6811 MountKinabalu Mt-Kinabalu-View-Along-drive-to-KNP-1080x675 p019rmgf

View from Summit of Mt. Kinabaluc3bf059d4abab1f326c16b4acec61dc7

It is the difficulty and the challenge of the ascent that makes the summit completion rewarding and gratifying in ways that only mountain climbers can know. Mt. Kinabulu is a mountain that mountaineers like to compete over who can complete its climb the fastest and with the least amount of sweat. This is a mountain one trains for and does not just dive into blindly.

This is a reason to not smoke, to take care of yourself and to prolong life.

I find it easier to write about dream destinations over previously travels to destinations because it is the imagination of the joinery that keeps me going.


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