Modern Times

The internet killed many businesses, but it did not kill tourism.

In fact, the internet exacerbated and encouraged tourism before more information became available.

Hotels are one business that never became replaced by an e-business.

Human nature is partially nomadic. In fact, some societies in the world continue to have nomadic peoples. The bedouins in the Middle East, the Mongols, the Turkic peoples in Central Asia, and the squatter/homeless subculture in the US.

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People like to travel or various reasons. There is a lot to gain in discovering new lands, peoples and merchandise. Trade and commerce has historically been a motivator to travel historically. People love rare and exotic goods

I also have a personal theory that entire civilizations grow, prosper and flourish because of the contact they have had outside of their own countries. Conversely, civilizations do not grow or flourish when they are isolated and cut off from each other. For example, the Maori people of New Zealand never progressed much as a civilization because they were so isolated for so long due to their distant location and lack of ambition to set sail elsewhere. This ambition never existed because nothing prompted them to explore dark and dangerous waters.

The Middle and the Mediterranean are the most famous and obvious examples of grand civilizations that flourished due to their close proximity to one another. China was a dreamy and distant civilization that long desired to be connected with the rest of the world.

Humans love that connection with other humans all over the world. Modern technology has made that all possible.

The invention of the airplane and the internet have made travel possible for many and information widely available. The hotel business seems to be a safe business that will never be electronically replaced. Real estate in general cannot be replaced by the internet, bar certain store fronts.


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