Expanding Upon Trips

The world is so massive that no one could truly travel “extensively” in it, unless this person had access to unlimited amounts of funds.

Traveler’s remorse happens when you wish you had the guts or the funds to further venture off into a place you loved or you learned of something cool nearby after you left that place. Traveler’s remorse no longer eats me up inside I suppose because I have learned not to blame myself for not having perfect foresight because perfect foresight is ¬†impossible.

All a traveler can do is try to plan ahead and research as best as possible and leave the rest to luck and intuition.

One region I would like to explore more heavily are the Mogao regions of China and the Mustang Region of Nepal. I considerate this all one swath of geographic and cultural region and not of national ones. Tibet is smacked in between, but Tibet is so controlled and inaccessible to most tourists. And expensive:

79_1nepal08_5211_edit buddha__dunhuang_mogao_caves__jiuquan__gansu__china mural_worshipping_bodhisattva mustang 10 nepal_annapurna_072_michel_gounot.jpg nepal_slider_03 nepalll(1) pokhara-nepal reproduction-flying-apsaras39403d950f7d56033a42b9973d4585c4_large

This is a gutsy adventurous trip for a seasoned know-how traveler. Additionally, it is best not to go alone either.

I remember my first trip to Nepal. I was terrified of going there alone. I was uncertain about the safety. In fact, I almost did not go at all out of fear and changed my ticket the last minute to go. Nepal is a poor and politically unstable country, but the threat to the average tourist is just so low. Venturing to Nepal by myself is one of the trips I took that emboldened me about what I could do. If I were to go again, I would want to trek in the Mustang region, see Tibet and see central China.

London is one of the world’s great cities. I long felt ridiculous for having been a world traveler and never having seen London. London is incredible and I think I unturned a lot of stones on my first trip, but there is still more that captures my imagination. Edinburgh is another place that was on my original list, but I got cold feet about going to. I do not know why I gave up on it, maybe it was the haggis and the whisky that was unappealing to me. Nonetheless, a trip to Edinburgh and a walk in the Scottish highlands are highly appealing to me in a future Europe trip. I think renewed my interest in Edinburgh because its beauty and its old-fashioned witchy charms:

work-2549175-3-flat550x550075f-kilchum-castle-and-loch-awe-argyllshire-scottish-highlands v_highlands_of_scotland The-Scottish-Highlands-UK-17- Old-Town-and-New-Town-Edinburgh-Scotland Edinburgh-4fb90c3a03d86_hires E_Castle Edinburgh_Castle_from_the_North a1024-2

The pandora’s box really opens once you start to travel and fall in love with a place or at least develop curiosity about a place. It is those periphery nether regions that you missed before that become more intoxicating and enchanting.

A theme I notice repeating with me is that I love art, beauty, history and culture.

These things are not rare and can be found in many regions of the world.

The one thing I know for sure is that now when I travel, I want to accomplish some sort of athletic feat. That can mean climbing a volcano, doing yoga in a studio abroad, taking a hike, snowboarding or swimming in a sea. I got such happiness and joy from doing this. I find something boring about walking around a city aimlessly and looking at buildings and people.

I loved Morocco. Morocco basically had everything I travel for in it and it was relatively cheap and a short plane ride from most major cities in Europe.

If I were to return, I would look into yoga, swimming and surfing in Tagazhout:

Taghazout-tourisme marokko-serfing-13 42042171 24643

I also notice that the cheaper countries have an enormous edge in the tourism industry. Most people want to travel to a place that is cheap, exotic, and beautiful. Thailand is an enormous travel destination with an enormous edge over its competition for those reasons. Additionally, London and Paris are such huge tourist destinations as well because most people feel as if they will only get to travel once in a lifetime and only want to see the two best cities in the world and not even bother with the rest of it. I am lucky enough that I always knew I would travel again and could afford to see more obscure off the beaten path places my first time around.

I also had such a huge dilemma at first of wanting to travel, but not knowing what it was I wanted to see. I know what it is now and just have to brace myself for when travel becomes a reality for me.


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