Israel’s Beauty

It is nice to have my computer back, up and running, so I may update my blog.

Israel is a land of natural beauty and it is developed in an affluent and modern way. Israel is also an eclectic melting pot of peoples from all corners of the earth. Israel relies on its most precious resource, its own people, to develop economically.

The high levels of human capital in Israel are among the highest in the world. I strongly believe and predict that in the coming decades, Israel will not be wiped off the map and that Israel will grow into one of the world’s wealthiest countries. I also believe that one day Tel Aviv will grow into one of the world’s top 10 most expensive cities.

Israel may perhaps always be in a hostile, uncooperative and dysfunctional region. Israel is also perhaps on the best real estate in the region:

10407455_10206404334329368_868663757995838697_n 11071004_10206238114373973_5390293061674297587_n 11174759_10206401003806107_7804905904544002132_n 11221892_10206401336974436_7499133058774299117_n 11222073_10206401552499824_2386332568377561361_n 11230789_10206401775305394_198764143248641836_n 11351199_10206057752065028_9110578085661375410_n 11401510_10206063056277630_3313688742621436378_n 11536097_10206137121729220_737881353428609421_n 11703200_10206304714158926_7639625717138667707_n 11703271_10206405233111837_6439733613797347638_n 11737834_10206401937669453_8638406283643897339_n 11737918_10206338287358235_7012103577461241520_n11745909_10206401737544450_5097851064149849143_n

The above places are: Ein Gedi, Ein Avdat, Nahariyah, Acco, Tel Aviv, Mitzpe Ramon.

Nahariyah is Israel’s Northern most city and has the most brilliant shining sea I have ever seen. Nahariyah is the least developed and the least modern and sophisticated. Nahariyah is a sleepy poor town that is off the tourist radar, but is locally known. I believe Nahariyah can one day be successfully developed into a premier resort town.

There are no good hotels in Nahariyah, so I had to stay in Acco and train in from there. Acco is a historic port town that is famous for Al-Jazzar, the Turkish tyrant who kept Napoleon out of Acco. This is a rare example of one of Napoleon’s only defeats. Al-Jazzar was a ruthless thug, a petty tyrant, was feared as well as loved, and built a “bath house” to store his collection of beautiful female sex slaves/prisoners. He also hired a Jewish handler to help him build the old city of Acco, which is now a tourist attraction.

The old city of Acco is not one of the great pieces of world architecture or even Middle Eastern architecture. It has some relevance for existing and having the value that being in an old historical place has. Acco always had some relevance as a trading port town, but was never exceptional or noteworthy in the way that Venice or Alexandria once were. It is being developed as a tourist destination and has several hostels and hotels that are among the least glamorous in the country. Acco is Arab-majority and seems to take pride in its Turkish past but horror in its Jewish present. The bazaars in the old city smell like fish and have narrow cobble roads that are not large enough for its current population.

I do not believe Acco will ever grow into anything more than what it currently is. It is liked someone rubbed salt in the dirt and now nothing will ever grow beyond what is already there. Generally, I do believe the Arabs owned their status as being the lower classes in Israeli society due to their lack of tending or caring for the land. In fact, the tour of the old Turkish bath house is something that the Jews of the region developed into a tourist attraction.

1912259_10206401464257618_1046481067451310467_n 10155375_10206401520539025_1610092596327518401_n 11705379_10206401471297794_8252413117920601047_n 11745387_10206401519138990_5499620640183260487_n10367141_10206053491078506_5899722178056133324_n 11390298_10206053489758473_8095174996097706368_n

Mitzpe Ramon is one of Israel’s recent success stories. Originally a backwater on the way to Eilat, Mitzpe Ramon is now developing into Israel’s hottest tourist destination. I believe that is how the value of locations change over time: one place develops as the “in” part of town, and then somewhere next door, develops more aggressively and becomes the rival for the “in” place and eventually takes its title of “in” place.

Eilat was originally developed as a tourist attractions for Israelis and foreigners, with a special emphasis on being family-friendly and fun. Ramon was just a stop along the highway to Eilat, until developers had a vision to turn into the hot new tourist destination.

The crater in Mitzpe Ramon was caused by an ocean once existing there, and then slowing receding away. The erosion caused by the long process of the ocean’s eventual disappearance created a crater with interesting color formations. The crater was one of those places that was just there and off the radar. Hotel Beresheet had the idea to build Israel’s best hotel right above the crater and has been highly successful at doing so:

18395_10206401161970061_2850471293302530463_n 11011180_10206401144849633_1660185587525584_n 11028361_10206401008086214_7519255055888038823_n 11223483_10206401060767531_1739926994272538879_n 11667477_10206401073887859_332564445902725806_n 11745519_10206401143449598_6761887190153780874_n 11745526_10206401134729380_2061181219170259582_n 11754283_10206400987885709_8467604160435620803_n

I love traveling to the places I love more than once. That way, you really get to know the place and discover more things to love about the place. I was so happy my second time around in Israel because I got to go off the beaten path and got to explore places beyond what the average birth righter gets to experience. I hope to have a third chance to see Israel.


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