The Best Hotels I Have Been To

The second most important part of your travel experience is where you stay. The hotel or house you stayed in plays a profound role in how much you enjoyed your trip. You can have an entirely different experience based solely on where you stay and in what location of the city you stay in.

Naturally, the first most important part of your experience abroad is who you travel with, even if that person is solely yourself.

I have had the privilege of affording several nice hotel destinations, along with invited home-stays, when I was abroad. There is a true magic to getting invited into someone’s private residence while traveling abroad because you get to see how the locals live and what standards they live by and are accustomed to. However, staying in a hotel gives an exotic and luxurious touch to your travels.

I loathe hostels and other budget accommodations. I loathe having to smell other people, listen to them snore, pay to rent a locker, smell the mold on the bathroom walls and share oxygen with wheezing people with cols who had no business staying in a hostel while sick. I am at the point of my adult life where I am no longer willing to stay in  budget accommodations or hostels.  I can not rough it anymore and require at least a decent hotel room. However, I am quite the princess and prefer luxurious accommodations. My favorite experience in the world is the rugged wild beauty of capricious nature balanced with the sleek and perfect touch of a luxury hotel. I have not had too many experiences in fancy hotels, and hope and pray I will get to continue my journeys in nicer accommodations one day.

The most important thing about the hotel is the pool. I love big luxurious pools that are too expensive to build in a private residence. The pool size, shape, color and location all matter. The pool creates a special kind of joy in my heart. I also look for decor, originality, authenticity to the culture of the host country, the dining and bar rooms, the lounge areas, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, the pride of ownership of the owners, the location and the feeling the hotel inspires.

So far, here are my favorite hotels:

The Davis Hotel in Bangkok:

1239985_10201506406324229_1538222861_n 1236635_10201506377083498_1358885449_n 998098_10201506385043697_1056334488_n 993009_10201506387403756_592869016_n 575182_10201506423204651_1644726967_n1240523_10201506389163800_831233808_n


The U in Chiang Mai:

197835_1872946705582_8095249_n 167994_1761136190389_2324811_n 167669_1761136310392_2561987_n 165273_1761136510397_1332380_n

The Augustine in Prague:

425925_3258859072525_2089815564_n 423424_3258859992548_1371154810_n 421751_3258863032624_1183711014_n 405849_3234757389998_1955548790_n 404529_3234759470050_1524098096_n 402602_3258863992648_896866419_n

The W in Bali:

1208497_10201449354617972_1411898354_n 1187107_10201449358978081_1236926418_n 1170957_10201449352577921_62793123_n 1148909_10201449352017907_1846024188_n 1003360_10201449357458043_1424312255_n 1003044_10201449351657898_1484092952_n 969478_10201449351617897_1255169748_n 533211_10201449353137935_1521069094_n

Lapa Palace in Lisbon:

10367743_10203337980752445_698159075201238184_n 10357178_10203337982352485_6855044944466305652_n 10304339_10203337981992476_8213100201800984825_n 1601484_10203337980992451_5530401902670581775_n

Kasbah Bab Ourika in Morocco:

10426835_10203435591312648_1654046316254239882_n 10426753_10203435624633481_8777062599301815234_n 10396296_10203435601112893_7854250690267126887_n 10390363_10203445709405594_3924858096968226816_n 10376059_10203445644243965_591219589533016305_n 10363822_10203445660044360_3856012774674690674_n 10360395_10203435635553754_1231944122452155380_n 10356357_10203445709885606_4981119091560122776_n 10334268_10203435664114468_8800371581639490068_n 10153894_10203435617953314_8156415693672715859_n

The Dominican in Brussels:

561984_4276318668379_1406015462_n 406286_4276325988562_2112392698_n 300790_4276313548251_1833508632_n 217699_4276328948636_172391293_n 215732_4276326348571_1120103020_n 208388_4276332388722_1687024694_n 208252_4276312148216_1872881750_n264756_4276317908360_859731943_n


Various hotels in Antigua whose names I forgot:

10013554_10202828801183274_1957360815_n 1969226_10202828800183249_370335153_n 1962808_10202828800743263_57168311_n 1962718_10202828804423355_1887475947_n 1920493_10202853082510292_1266578218_n 1904275_10202828789062971_1796389749_n 1904259_10202828788342953_957248066_n 1798705_10202828804743363_976747747_n 1798685_10202853049949478_226438047_n 1798299_10202853064389839_1356572716_n 1794783_10202853056549643_34461150_n 1653700_10202828786902917_247149103_n 1554492_10202852989827975_978151726_n 1451560_10202853090670496_1187967961_n


The W in Seoul:

577330_4506361419304_153415306_n 576457_4506362139322_391179074_n 576347_4506363619359_643589694_n 559485_4506360859290_707704766_n 483010_4506361019294_1308896851_n 408274_4506329538507_126734624_n 384244_4506360739287_1720908589_n404673_4506361779313_1827019001_n


La Mammouina in Marrakech:

10420248_10203392557516830_4941498186137830883_n 10356754_10203392685760036_6319481140075555197_n 10320536_10203392578317350_6960180034564974543_n 10302034_10203392554396752_9018769687509384006_n 10173786_10203388655779289_4428548484524891339_n 10155507_10203388655219275_346967885759745012_n 1920265_10203392674959766_4288212129136993779_n 1903984_10203388651499182_1891935073828932489_n 1381557_10203392628718610_776420968135931494_n10387549_10203392655559281_4876490085586571544_n


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