Copenhagen Has a Good Vibe to It

A lot of people ride bikes in Copenhagen. It is a healthy city with little obesity. The city has a good vibe to it and its people have a healthy glow because of it. It feels human and nourishing being there. Danish people are among the friendliest people I have ever met. Copenhagen is an active friendly city. The swan lake in the middle of the city center was my favorite perk. The museums are world class and feature some famous coveted pieces by Degas, Van Gogh and Renoir:

10336726_10203531753356639_1740716242701784195_n 10387413_10203531724435916_5309691457645851632_n 10390424_10203531742116358_8682614483113742172_n 10391438_10203528181987357_1962071485823952593_n 10447406_10203539918360759_3843681406447679383_n 10455349_10203539919000775_901755586330162398_n 10458127_10203528180707325_3871294481414122785_n 10483145_10203531836478717_6038382315114500472_n



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