Berlin is Bustling

Berlin is a bustling city, exuding with debauchery and high culture. It is a place for young people to stay up all night, roam the streets, ingest copious amounts of unbeatable beers and just party and have a good time. Berlin has some classy museums, but you get a strong sense that they are “Keeping up with the Jones,'” and are competing to be a premier European city. Berlin struggles to hold its own with neighboring London, Paris, Rome, St. Petersburg as centers of European culture and history.

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Berlin is more affluent than other European countries due to its large export market of cars and engineers. Germans are an intellectual culture that figured out how to do things right and how to specialize in one of the world’s hottest current markets: car manufacturing. It may be true that London is home to more billionaires and is a bigger global financial center, but Germany still has a larger national GDP than Britain. One gets a sense of this when exploring Berlin. The affluence of Germany made the people “not worried” about economic restraints and people are happier and more relaxed because of it. Additionally, the food is so clean and organic and up to such high health standards, that I felt myself losing weight, despite the copious amounts of beer I was ingesting.

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