The White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand

The White Temple was built in the 90’s by a visionary Thai artist. A lot temples in Thailand look the same, but this one truly stands out. It is all white, to symbolize the purity of the Buddha:

188337_1872999426900_5581444_n 188969_1873021267446_92005_n 189699_1873008107117_5965786_n 190321_1872990466676_6306583_n 190445_1872985786559_8031863_n 196491_1872988186619_551470_n 197223_1873006147068_5077863_n 198218_1873014427275_6033411_n 198597_1873006347073_4768508_n 199886_1873011147193_6916669_n 200219_1873011987214_4259800_n 200774_1872997866861_5991023_n


The temple was meant to be viewed at night, so the crystals can glow under the moonlight:

200516_1873050748183_398944_n 198873_1873048868136_3226424_n 196228_1873048708132_5858961_n 189126_1873050828185_7071425_n


The temple is quite small and there is not much to do in the vicinity. Expect to spend a lot of time just looking at it and standing next to it. Additionally, this temple is where people  wear their Sunday-best and are behaving courteously.

There is also a room in the back with a mural and a live Buddha meditating in it. It is forbidden to snap pictures. The mural is quite amazing. It depicts the horrors of modern times, notably America and 9-11, and Thai people going on a spaceship to escape it and to achieve Buddhahood.


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