Singapore: Tropical Metropolis.

Singapore is exquisite. Singapore is a highly-succesful model for state-building. This tiny island formerly a part of Malaysia used to be a swamp and a third world country. Now it is a contender for one of the world’s great cities and it is the country with the highest per capita per GDP wages. There is a fusion of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Tamil and British influences to be seen everywhere:

644259_10201391336967567_1989475681_n 998784_10201391377648584_757998_n 1004919_10201391340327651_559159441_n 1095110_10201391621894690_1153360350_n 1146630_10201391337167572_321762817_n 1149014_10201391375528531_904722478_n 1170919_10201391621094670_1774335479_n 1175671_10201447945862754_887629515_n


Above are: Hainanese chicken and rice, cendol, Chinese broccoli, Changi Airport, Laksa, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and an apartment complex decorated for Christmas.

One thing I liked about Singapore was the wonderful food and the difficulty to get that food outside of the country. I can not get either cendol, laksa or Hainanese chicken where I live in LA.

One of the best meals I had ever had was at a buffet at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore’s most expensive hotel:

1017014_10201391308326851_503306962_n 972330_10201391294766512_855035225_n 969253_10201391294486505_1266801595_n 601411_10201391315567032_1926049049_n 13584_10201391312846964_1665895137_n 998284_10201391296126546_722920312_n


There was also the Singapore Bird Park, with waterfalls in the Africa section:

1170676_10201391508731861_1087401193_n 1098211_10201391421849689_1348916329_n 1002356_10201391495291525_1287160440_n 995146_10201391495571532_727443479_n 549554_10201391419409628_1623754430_n 21444_10201391508331851_42466427_n


Here is the Burmese Temple, the first Buddhist temple to use electric halos:

1157637_10201391318727111_1857319566_n 1003358_10201391334007493_1141093409_n 1000318_10201391332447454_1641542883_n 1000238_10201391320367152_2120943214_n 578974_10201391333767487_1640715830_n


I spent 3 days in Singapore, which was not enough time. For such a tiny scrap on the map, Singapore sure crams a lot into it’s tiny surface area. Remarkably, I left many stones unturned and did not see everything was there, notably foregoing Sentosa Island.


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