Tel Aviv is Beautiful

Below is Tel Aviv street art:

377913_2967754195085_1359620223_n 395757_3116927804332_1383665237_n 396768_2967753875077_1834022333_n 407697_3116928204342_632481299_n 417890_3116919244118_139861395_n 419005_3116942564701_2089782040_n 427021_3116902603702_1820626520_n 427314_3116918564101_1195085500_n 429646_3116905963786_1644670763_n 430828_3116927484324_5926908_n

What do you think street art tells you about the city? Do you think it is the subconscious rising to the surface? Do you think it is a canvas for the national psyche? Do you think it’s statement is political and subversive?

Tel Aviv has wonderful food. Here are some pics of food and restaurants:

400310_3140316629038_2111545140_n 404478_3125232851953_975965265_n 405540_3125230371891_1038844396_n 407090_3116916444048_411086485_n 417943_3140314148976_1332892535_n 418971_3125232011932_129956766_n 423713_3116915484024_1522819626_n 423902_3140317389057_122330456_n 430265_3142074552985_17009825_n 430551_3140318989097_1745798445_n 432097_3116916084039_2004835125_n 432330_3140314988997_1823785567_n 432373_3140323509210_749931777_n

I personally like any country that has wonderful cuisine, especially if that cuisine is affordable. Conversely, I despise any country that has terrible food. Tel Aviv has a delightful medley of African, European, Middle Eastern Jewish food. There is ethnic food from non-Jewish regions of the world as well that is quite wonderful. However, the fusion of post-diaspora refined into one palatable place makes Tel Aviv spectacular.


The architecture of a city is said to reveal the society’s self-reflection and confidence in itself. Below is the Pagoda House in Tel Aviv, which is the city’s architectural masterpiece:

166988_3125274733000_668704440_n 404932_3125309173861_677314886_n 423007_3125306333790_1792351602_n 428179_3125271332915_1517792208_n 432136_3125307093809_1011739537_n


So what does this reveal? It is a blending of Chinese and Mediterranean features. Does it show cultural sophistication and complexity? Does it show harmony? Does it show an ability to break the mold and to stand out?


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